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Welding Engineering and Qualification Testing Services

Welding Engineers

We have been in the weld testing business since 1976. Our bend and tensile testers developed out of our need to find reliable welding test equipment at reasonable prices. In 1976 we started testing for companies in the local area around Dayton, Ohio. We now serve customers anywhere in the US.

All qualification testing is done under the supervision of a Welding Engineer, who is a graduate of the Ohio State University Department of Industrial, Welding, and Systems Engineering. Another OSU graduate Welding Engineer interacts with customers to prepare welding procedure and/or performance qualification guidelines to be followed if the customer needs assistance preparing test samples. We can perform the typical physical and non-destructive tests required by ASME, AWS, API, MIL and other welding codes and standards.

Wraparound Bend Testing

Transverse plunger-type bending does not give good results when testing some welds between dissimilar base metals or when the weld metal is much more ductile than the base metals being welded. Longitudinal bend tests are an option, but it requires much larger test plates. For infrequent wraparound testing needs, many companies come to us. We maintain a complete range of test mandrels for contract wraparound bend testing using our Model BT3 bend tester. We can work from the welded test plate or from pre-machined samples.

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