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    welding coupons, weld coupons

    Do your own:

    • Welder training

    • Welder qualification

    • Welding procedure qualification



      We can provide:

      • Plate coupons

      • Pipe coupons

      • Common or special alloys

      • Standard code sizes

      • Backing rings or bars

      • Practice sizes

      • Special sizes (see photo)

      • Mill test reports


      weld test materials, welding coupons

      24" Sch XH with J-Groove Bevel 

      "SUPER COUPON"® Types and Sizes

      (How to Reduce Welder Qualification Cost by Over 67%!)

      If you need to qualify your welders for all thicknesses and for ASME Section IX, then the super coupon will allow you to do so with just one coupon size.


  1. Qualifies for all thicknesses per QW-452.1(b), 

  2. Replaces testing on both 2 and 6 coupons,

  3. Qualifies for all diameters down to 1 OD per QW-452.3, and

  4. Qualifies for P-Numbers 115F, 34, 4149; as limited by F-No. per QW-433.

      STANDARD SIZES (2-3/4 OD X 5/8 wall x 4 long; 37 x 1/16 bevel)weld test materials, welding coupons

          T01-2341L:  SA-106, Gr. B material (P-No. 1), beveled on one end

            Use for qualification testing

          T01-2342L:  SA-106, Gr. B material (P-No. 1), beveled on both ends

            Use for training or qualification testing


      If you do not need to qualify for pipe, our new SUPER PLATE COUPONS offer similar advantages. According to ASME QW-452.1, a 1/2 inch thick sample qualifies a welder for all thicknesses, subject to position limitations. The welder would also be qualified for P-Numbers 115F, 34, 4149; as limited by F-No. according to QW-433. The standard size we offer is as follows:

          T01-.5047:  SA-36 material (P-No. 1), beveled on both long ends

      Click on any of the inventory items numbers above (in red) to check "SUPER COUPON"® pricing, or click below for all coupon pricing.


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