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welding tensile testers, tensile testers

Key Benefits

  • Meets ASME, AWS Codes
  • Meets MIL Standards
  • Calibration (ASTM E4) traceable to NIST Standards (Digital Readout Version)
  • 5000 lb. Maximum load +/- 1% Accuracy (Digital Readout Version)
  • 300 lb. Minimum load +/- 1% Accuracy (Digital Readout Version)
  • Integral hydraulic system
  • Grips specimens up to 0.15 x 1.13 inch section
  • Digital readout of live and peak loads
  • Auto zero of digital readout
  • The Digital Gauge Version has similar functions, but is accurate to +/- 3%  




    • Pump Options

    • Hand. The basic unit uses a hand-operated pump. For most applications this is the best option. The operator has precise control over the entire operation.

    • Air. The -AO option allows for faster operation, such as when many samples need to be tested. The customer must provide a regulator/filter/lubricator on the air source to be used.

    • Electric. The -E option allows for fast operation where air is not available. Operation is somewhat more complicated because two valves are used, instead of just one, as used on the other options.

    • Gauge and Readout Options

    • None. The basic unit has no gauge. When doing peel tests only, a gauge is not required.

    • Digital Gauge. The -DG option gives the ability to determine the load required to break a specimen. The gauge shows the live load during a test. After the specimen breaks, the breaking load can be recalled by the push of a button. Calibration consists of setting the maximum (5000 lb) and minimum (0 lb) loads. Intermediate loads cannot be set. They are characteristic of the TT5 system, but are accurate to better than +/- 3%.

    • Digital Readout. The -DRO option gives the most accurate means for determining the breaking load. The electronic measuring system is comprised of a microprocessor-controlled readout and a precision pressure transducer. The system is programmed at our factory, during calibration, to give a linear load reading from 300 to 5000 pounds. During subsequent calibrations the user can adjust the system using an IBM-compatible computer, a calibrated load cell and software we can provide. The accuracy of the system is better than +/- 1%. Digital readout of live and peak loads as well as auto zero are standard functions.




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