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The following pipe fixtures are presently available: 

  • BSC-2 - for 2 inch nominal (shown in the photo) and Super (2-3/4" x 5/8" wall) pipe size.
  • BSC-6 - for 6 inch nominal pipe size. 

Each fixture requires optional mandrels related to the pipe schedules to be accommodated. These are listed below.

Each fixture can be used to cut bend specimens from welder performance test samples in accordance with ASME, AWS, and Military codes and standards. The swivel clamp design can accommodate the warpage common in pipe samples. However,  the sample ends that are clamped must be flat. Saw-cut or turned coupon ends, with or without a bevel, are best. Flame-cut coupons ends that have irregularities or warpage will not work.  

Loading of individual fixtures requires only 1 wrench (for the clamp) at most. The upper fixture platen is adjustable so that samples from 6 to 9 inches long can be accommodated. The shorter the sample, the closer the tolerance on the width can be, and the faster the cut can be made.

A spring-loaded indexing mechanism allows for rotary indexing of the sample at 90 spacing. This, combined with the linear indexing of the BSC-IB indexing base, results in precisely cut specimens in accordance with the listed codes and standards. All specimens are held in place until the last cut is made. Then, loosening of the clamp allows the bend specimens and discards to be removed. Other than brushing or flushing chips away, the fixture is ready for loading of the next sample.

Typical cutting time is 2-5 minutes per bend specimen when using an automatic saw. Indexing time is a matter of seconds.


All mandrels are designed to meet the listed codes and standards. The stocked part numbers are listed below and on the price list. All part numbers are designated by pipe diameter and schedule or wall thickness. 

  • 2-M-2XS
  • 2-M-2XXS
  • 2-M-2.75X.63
  • 6-M-6STD
  • 6-M-6XS
  • 6-M-6XXS

Other special mandrels can be manufactured to order.

Pipe Templates:

Templates are designed to meet the listed codes and standards. The stocked part numbers are listed below and on the price list.  All part numbers are designated by the BSC prefix followed by the bend specimen width and the cutting blade width. The template dimensions include a factor to add approximately 0.020 inch to the specimen width for clean-up by grinding or sanding.

  • T-3/8.042
  • T-3/4.042
  • T-1-1/2.042

Other special templates can be manufactured to order.


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