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bend testers

Key Benefits

  • The best choice for dissimilar metal weld tests
  • Wrap-around principle minimizes "kinking"
  • Laboratory precision
  • Rapid mandrel changeover
  • 1/32 to 2.5 inch bend radii
  • Full, unobstructed view
  • Integral hydraulic system


    Why Fischer Wraparound Bend Testers are Specialbend testers

    • No one else in the industry offers such a wide selection of standard wraparound mandrels. The Model BT3 is not limited to a few bending radii. It will not become obsolete if your code/standard requirements change. It is adjustable for any bend radii between 1/32 and 2.5 inches. Shown to the right is the 1/16 inch diameter mandrel we developed for the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Also shown is a 0.016 inch thick titanium specimen tested using this mandrel. For more details click here.
    • The Model BT3 Bend Tester uses a unique method for wrapping the bend specimen around the mandrel. Specimens are forced to conform to the mandrel surface. This is especially useful for specimens from dissimilar metal weldments or those with significantly different weld and base metal strengths. When tested in a standard guided bend tester, primary bending will occur in the weakest material. The effective radius in the bend can become so small that the maximum elongation property of the material is exceeded, resulting in fracture.
    • For mandrels larger than 1/2 inch, a knurled surface is used to drive the specimen being tested. For routine bends, no special clamping or specimen preparation is required. We call this "quick clamping".
    California Residents - Click here for the Proposition 65 Warning

    Click here to determine the bend radius (and mandrel) for your application.


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