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Welding Qualification Testing

We have been in the weld testing business for since 1976. Our bend and tensile testers developed out of our need to find reliable welding test equipment at reasonable prices. Our primary qualification testing customer base is in the local area, but we also serve customers outside this area.

All qualification testing is under the supervision of a Registered Professional Welding Engineer, who is a graduate of the Ohio State Department of Welding Engineering. We can perform the typical physical tests required by ASME, AWS, API, MIL and other welding codes and standards.

Wraparound bend testing constitutes a great portion of our outside test work We maintain a complete range of test mandrels. For infrequent wraparound testing needs, many companies come to us. We can work from the welded test plate or from pre-machined samples.

Weld Failure Analyses

Our graduate Welding Engineer has conducted many weld failure analyses. His experience is with failures in structures, vessels, and rotating machinery.

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